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Plug-In Profit Site Co-op One of the fastest ways to make money with the Plug-In Profit Site is to promote your Plug-In Profit Site affiliate link. Everyone who visits your PIPS affiliate link (this one) is directed to join through your affiliate links in Super Affiliate Network, SFI, Traffic Authority, Online Sales Pro and Bit To Click as long as all your affiliate ID’s are correctly added here.

You only need a few referrals to really change your financial life. In fact, just a single new referral who starts building in any one of the Plug-In Profit Site programs alone can add thousands of dollars to your annual income. That’s why just a few motivated people on your team can be turned into a full-time income with this business. When you combine all 5 of these high-paying programs together in 1 system, your commissions add up quickly!

It’s just as easy to promote 1 site and earn 5 checks as it is to promote 1 site and earn 1 check… Why would you settle for less? The Plug-In Profit Site gives you the opportunity to build multiple streams of income at one time. This offers you security through diversity!

Plus, all the people who join your Plug-In Profit Site team will be provided with their own professional website, a money-making email autoresponder campaign and a proven step-by-step plan to follow that accelerates their online success. This creates strong duplication and follow through among your referrals (which means more income for YOU).

Therefore, one of the services the co-op provides is proven and effective advertising of your Plug-In Profit Site affiliate link. You can see the type of marketing and advertising the co-op runs for you in Day 4 of the 30 Days to Success guide. Co-op advertising is responsible for bringing in thousands of new Plug-In Profit Site members already, and it brings in new members every day. As a co-op participant, you will get an equal share of all the people that are coming in daily through our rotator site.

Proven & Effective Advertising

See Day 4 of the 30 Days to Success guide to get more details on our advertising plan.

Every day, people everywhere are searching for an honest way to work from home and make money online. Plug-In Profit Site Co-op advertising targets this market through effective email marketing ad campaigns, and delivers these visitors to co-op members through our advertising rotator URL. Every time that site is visited, a Plug-In Profit Site Co-op member is getting the visitor. This is a proven way to get your affiliate link in front of truly interested prospects every day without working for it.

Advertising is totally unnecessary. Unless you hope to make money.

Jef I. Richards

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