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Option 1: Monthly Membership

You can become a Monthly Member of the Plug-In Profit Site Co-op for just $97 today with a 100% love it (or get all your money back) guarantee. The only risk is NOT joining…

There are 3 easy ways to pay for a monthly co-op membership…

You can send $97 through to:$StoneEvans

Note: If you want a 2 month co-op membership (great value and more business growth), send $179 via:$StoneEvans

Or you can setup a co-op subscription through Payza with a Visa card using these steps:

Step 1: Create Your Payza Account (if you don’t have one)

Step 2: Click the “Subscribe Now” button below and follow the steps.

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Tip: If you you choose to join using the Check/Wire option, simply choose how many months you want your membership to be active and make a payment for this amount.

Try the Plug-In Profit Site Co-op for 14 days, and If you don’t LOVE the services you get for ANY REASON (I Don’t Care If It’s 13 Days, 23 Hours and 59 Minutes From Now…) just let me know by submitting a help desk ticket here and I’ll give all your money back!

You literally have nothing to lose. I’m taking all the risk here and will be working around the clock to build your business with highly effective advertising, daily bloging and more!

I only want happy, successful customers of this service. If the investments I’ll be making in your business aren’t perceived to be valuable to you, you are entitled to a full refund. Truth is, all the risk is on me to work hard and earn your business – by producing results.

Option 2: Annual Membership

Get a full 1-year membership of ALL co-op services for a one-time payment of just $997 now, and transform your website into a non-stop traffic generating magnet, automatically!

Step 1: Create Your Payza Account (if you don’t have one)

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Please note: If you get a “spending limit exceeded” error then you may need to Validate Your Credit Card first.

or… I’d like to pay with Check/Wire instead

Tip: Order by Aug. 31st using the same-day wire transfer option above and save $100. Your annual membership will only be $897 (this includes full SNAP setup), but payment must be received by Aug. 31st Click here for same-day wire transfer instructions >

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Free Bonus: Join as an Annual co-op member today, and you’ll also receive my full SNAP setup service which is described in Day 5 of the 30 Days to Success training guide. This, combined with auto-blogging, can fully automate your online business!

If you prefer to pay offline to join as an Annual Plug-In Profit Site Co-op member today, you can mail a check or money order for $997 payable to Stone Evans at this address:

Stone Evans
18208 Preston Rd.
Ste D-9 #311
Dallas, TX 75252

In fact, if you live or work near Dallas and you want to drop your check off in person, let’s meet near Preston and Frankford in North Dallas and have a coffee or tea together before we launch your 1-year co-op campaign! There is a Starbucks that we can meet at here >

Contact me using chat or text message at: 214-762-2329 to schedule a time to meet up.

Please note: If it’s easier for you to split up payments, you can also become an Annual co-op member today with an initial payment of $500 (this includes full SNAP setup as described in Day 5, and a 2nd payment of $497 due in 90 days. You can contact me if you have any questions; or if you would like to make special arrangements to get your membership started. My goal is to help you succeed, and I know these services will do it!

Option 3: Traffic Authority Gold Bonus

You can get 1 year of co-op advertising for free when you buy a Gold traffic package from Traffic Authority as described in Day 2 of the 30 Days to Success training guide. 🙂

Note: Option 3 provides co-op advertising; not auto-blogging, resell-rights products, etc.

Traffic Authority

Option 4 – (Free with DA Event Ticket): My #1 goal is to help you build a successful business, and I know that if you attend a DA training event, you will 10x your online profits in the next 6 months and bring a lot of new members into your DA and Plug-In Profit Site team in the process. Therefore, if you buy a ticket to the next, I’ll give you co-op services for FREE. Here’s how it works…

There are 3 ticket options as you can see here:

Sherpa Pass is $97. Expedition Pass is $297. Summit Pass is $1,997. If you order a Sherpa Pass, you get 1 month of co-op services free. Buy an Expedition Pass and you get 3 months of co-op services free. Order a Summit Pass and you get 6 months of co-op services. Plus, if you make the effort to meet me in person at the event in Las Vegas, I’ll double the number of months you receive co-op services. This means a Sherpa Pass will qualify you for 2 months of co-op services, an Expedition Pass will get you 6 months of free co-op services, and a Summit Pass will get you 1 year of free co-op services! 🙂

Commit to your success now and turn Digital Altitude into your full-time income this year!

See my thoughts on the power of committing to your business and joining me in Vegas…

Simply contact me after you get your ticket so I can see that you’ve registered, and I’ll setup all co-op services for you right away. Then, once you make it to the event and we meet up in person, I will double your membership time in the Plug-In Profit Site Co-op…

You can reach me through live chat, help desk or by text message on my mobile # at:

Click here to order your ticket now and begin your co-op membership today >>

Option 5 – (Free 3-Year Membership):

You can get 3 years of co-op membership FREE when you become an Apex climber in Digital Altitude through your Plug-In Profit Site sponsor as described in Day 4 and Day 8 of the 30 Days to Success training guide. To activate your free 3-year co-op membership, contact me at the help desk once you have upgraded to the Apex level in Digital Altitude!

You must have joined Digital Altitude through the Plug-In Profit Site to qualify for this offer.

Digital Altitude Apex

In all options, I pay more to purchase and provide services for you than what it takes for you to become a member today. I’m investing my money and time in your business up-front because my goal is to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to start making money. Once you’re making new sales and commissions consistently, we all win!

I’m 100% committed to your satisfaction and success. If you have questions, concerns or feedback; please contact me through the Plug-In Profit Site Help Desk right away.

Whichever option you choose to join the Plug-In Profit Site Co-op today, I look forward to serving you, and helping you grow your business easier with effective marketing services!


Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy
– Developer of the Plug-In Profit Site

Stone Evans

P.S. Want to know how the co-op grows your business for you? Get all the details >>

P.S. Another way to get all co-op services FREE is if you refer 10 new members to the Plug-In Profit Site in a 30 day period of time. Every referral you get is recorded and you will receive notification with each new member you refer. Top affiliates refer 1-2 new members every day, and I know that if you follow the training, you can start referring at least 10 new members every month. Once you do, we’ll activate all co-op services for you FREE so you can take your business to an even higher level of success, FASTER! 🙂

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